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It’s here!  It’s finally out!  Keep it by your bed.  Give it to fellow Renaissance Souls to enjoy as much as you do. Make sure any parent/partner/friend/relative/co-worker who doesn’t get you has a copy!


INTRODUCTION: Are You A Renaissance Soul?

PART I: Claiming Your Renaissance Soul

  1. Renaissance Souls: Who You Are-and Who You’re Not
  2. Yes, but…: Common Doubts of the Renaissance Soul

PART II: Thriving on Many Interests Without Feeling Scattered

  1. Panning for Golden Values
  2. The Power of Renaissance Focal Points

PART III: Practical Realities: Career Design for Pursuing Your Passions

  1. Your J-O-B: No More Day Jobs
  2. Getting Paid for Your Passions
  3. But What If I Don’t Want to Go Back to School!: Alternative Resources for Renaissance Souls
  4. What If I Have My Whole Life Ahead of Me?: Renaissance Soul Strategies for Young People

PART IV: Successful Life Design for Renaissance Souls

  1. Committing Yourself to Action the Renaissance Soul Way

  2. Time-Management Magic for Renaissance Souls

  3. Staying the Course: Overcoming Momentum Blockers

PART V: Going Deeper

  1. If It’s Still Hard to Get Going…

Conclusion: Be A Role model!


Wow! Where was The Renaissance Soul when I needed it during my five career changes?  This is a fabulous guide for people who find themselves constantly tap dancing from job to job. Benjamin Franklin would be proud!
Julie Jansen, author of I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

I'm so grateful this book has finally been written! I need, my clients need, the world needs this incredibly helpful, practical, life-changing guidebook for those of us with a multitude of passions and aptitudes. Please, get this book into the hands of every person you know who is a Renaissance Soul. You could change their lives!
Jennifer Louden, author of Comfort Secrets of Busy Women and the best-selling Comfort Book series

Can't decide which life or career path is right for you? Maybe you don't have to! In The Renaissance Soul, Margaret Lobenstine offers inspiration, advice, and practical tips for people with more than one burning passion.
-Laurence Boldt, author of Zen and the Art of Making a Living

Margaret Lobenstine has written an intelligent and refreshingly innovative book that offers a multi-dimensional vision of vocation while transmitting solid principles of life-alignment. The clear and empowering exercises in this volume ground the theory in solid practice. This book will help many on the road to creative career transformation.
Rick Jarow, author of Creating the Work You Love and The Alchemy of Abundance 

The Renaissance Soul is welcome news for individuals who just can't make up their mind 'what they want to be when they grow up!'  Career coach Margaret Lobenstine shows how you can have it all and create a structure for yourself that blends your many talents, abilities, and intelligences into one vital and satisfying lifestyle.
-Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., author of 7 Kinds of Smart:  Identifying and Discovering Your Multiple Intelligences

THE RENAISSANCE SOUL will help highly innovative and creative people find ways to make their many dreams come true. I've already begun using its wonderful ideas and practices with clients.
-M.J. Ryan, Executive coach and author of The Happiness Makeover

For all the people who have a multiple of passions, this book's for you. The life journey we take to answer to our own Self maybe different from the 'norm.' Margaret Lobenstine is a wise guide on that journey, offering help and inspiration as you develop fully into the Renaissance Soul that you are meant to be! This book will be a cherished traveling companion.
-Marilyn Tam, Former President of Reebok Apparel & Accessories Group and international selling author of How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want

Sure to speak to Boomers and older people who have done many things well, yet feel sidelined by a culture that rewards consistency and focus. Margaret Lobenstine makes the world safer for the multigifted of any age who are well served by her wit and wisdom.  Bravo!
-Marika and Howard Stone, coauthors of Too Young To Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life

Finally the multi-gifted have a champion. But anyone feeling that they only need a little sunshine in order to blossom will find this book bursting with light-it has all the creative and practical ideas they need for getting life on towards its purpose.
-Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person and The Highly Sensitive Child

Many of my coaching clients are individual searching for more meaningfulness in their life and work, and organizational leaders who have made it yet are unable to figure out why they feel lost.  Margaret Lobenstine has developed a breath of fresh air, along with a model of liberation for people who have felt they don’t fit their life and work. The Renaissance Soul is an inspiring and easy-to-use approach that helps me guide my secret Renaissance Soul clients.
-Bernie Saunders, Consultant for Fortune 500 companies, foundations, small manufacturers, and health–care providers

With this long-overdue book, Margaret finally reveals that the constantly evolving people among us are actually the ones most equipped to thrive in a world where adaptability, creativity and emotional awareness are the qualities that make all the difference in career/life success. It's about time we acknowledged that the career track has been replaced by the career trampoline. As a career counselor and coach and former director of a career office working with people ages 18 to 80, I know that Lobenstine's message will be welcomed both by Renaissance souls searching for 21st century career advice and the professionals hoping to provide it.
-Dr. Barbara Reinhold, author of Free to Succeed: Designing the Life You Want in the New Free Agent Economy and former director, Smith College Office of Career Development

The Renaissance Soul actively solves what has long been an unsolvable problem—how people with ‘too many’ talents and interests can manage their diverse passions.  With warmth, insight, and helpful exercises, Lobenstine helps these souls find their way to making a contribution and finally feel complete about what they’re here to do.
-Suzanne Falter-Barnes, author of Living Your Joy

The Renaissance Soul is the consummate Social Artist, embodying the complex interests and open hearts that are needed now in the global world.  Today, when the world mind is taking a walk with itself, we require a consciousness that can encompass the many realities we face.  This work gives us the tools that enable that needed growth in consciousness.
-Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of Jump Time and senior consultant to the United Nations Development Program

This amazing, inspiring, and practical book encourages us to take joy in our dazzling array of legitimate life choices and to make these choices boldly and fearlessly. The book is perfect to use with clients in my empowerment-coaching practice.
-Helena Judith Sturnick, Ph.D., executive and empowerment coach for twelve years and former president of several campuses

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Renaissance Souls need to understand Renaissance Souls to get unstuck.  Renaissance Soul Margaret Lobenstine, author of THE RENAISSANCE SOUL, coaches Renaissance Souls in Renaissance Soul life design.  From her Renaissance Souls learn the three characteristics of Renaissance Souls, how Renaissance Souls earn money, special Renaissance Soul time management techniques.  Renaissance Souls can take the “Are you a Renaissance Soul?” quiz in the Renaissance Soul part of the website. This Renaissance Soul author explains the recent bias against Renaissance Souls and how Renaissance Souls are now more appreciated. If you are a Renaissance Soul or your partner is a Renaissance Soul or your child is a Renaissance Soul or you co-worker is a Renaissance Soul, let the Renaissance Soul expert Margaret Lobenstine explain all you need to know about Renaissance Souls.

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